Our story began in New York City back in 2017, and three years later, we made the heartfelt decision to return to Oahu, Megahn's birthplace. We longed for a place to start our family and find a strong sense of connection.

Driven by our desire for community and the dream of owning our own business, we discovered Mercado de la Raza, the island's only Latin American store. After countless months of conversations, we took the leap and acquired the business, with the hope of infusing it with a fresh perspective and revitalizing energy for the Latin American community.

At Mercado de la Raza, we firmly believe in the extraordinary power of food to bring people together, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. It's a beautiful way to share our stories and build bridges between communities. Above all, we are dedicated to bringing the incredible flavors of our childhood, the richness of our heritage, and the diverse cultures we cherish to our new home: Oahu.

Step into our store and immerse yourself in a world of culinary wonders. We offer an extensive selection of products sourced from the majority of countries and territories in Latin America, including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, and many more. From delightful candies and chocolates to specialty teas, cooking tools, and convenient frozen meals, we have it all.

Our hearts are bursting with dreams and ideas for Mercado de la Raza, and we genuinely hope you'll join us on this incredible journey as we work tirelessly to bring those dreams to life. Come and explore our carefully curated collection of Latin products and allow yourself to be transported to your roots, indulging in the tantalizing "sabores" and captivating "aromas" that will awaken your senses.

¡Te esperamos!