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Marchantes Latin@s

In March of 2023, we created Marchantes Latin@s. "Marchante" is the word used by Mexican vendors in Mercados Sobre Ruedas (Farmer's Markets) to refer to each other and their customers. Mercado de la Raza is committed to supporting Latin entrepreneurs and their ventures in Hawaii. We host pop-ups monthly at our store featuring delicious products Made in Hawaii by Latin hands.

If you are a Latino business owner and have an idea you want to bring to life, contact us, or even better: come in-person and talk to us. Whether you're seeking recommendations, looking to network with fellow Latinos, or even planning a visit to Latin America and need some insider tips, we're here for you. We’re always happy to meet new people. We don't just want to provide assistance; we want to build relationships. Let's connect, collaborate, and celebrate our shared heritage.